Mais Dez Cursos sobre Aviação que Você pode Fazer em Casa – Somente em Inglês

1 – Technical maintenance of aircraft and aircraft engines

In this course you will learn about civil aviation in the Russian economy, the role of an engineer of aircraft technical maintenance, and training facilities and benefits at Samara University

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2 – Wonders of Aviation Course

Welcome to the Gleim Wonders of Aviation Course! This course is designed to make your entry into the world of aviation less confusing and more satisfying. As you progress through this course, you will find that aviation is far more willing to accept you as a visitor, a hobbyist, or a person looking to establish a career than you had previously thought possible.

The outline material in this course is designed to be a quick reference guide for you to print and take with you..


3 – Essential Aerodynamics: Stalls, Spins, and Safety

Who Said Aerodynamics Has to Be Hard to Understand?
The word may conjure images of dry textbooks and dense equations, but the need-to-know concepts of aerodynamics and maneuvering flight can be easy to grasp.


4 – Say It Right: Mastering Radio Communications

Radio Communications is One of a Pilot’s Core Skills.

Done right, it reduces workload, decreases stress, and improves safety. This course will help you communicate properly, efficiently, and effectively from the cockpit.


5 – Public Benefit Flying: Balancing Safety and Compassion

You want to help those in need, and public benefit flying makes that possible. But it is also more demanding than a leisurely flight, requiring a professional, safety-minded approach. That’s what this course is all about‑a one stop source to increase the safety culture of volunteer pilot flying.


6 – ABS – “Continental Engine Maintenance”

The American Bonanza Society serves Beechcraft enthusiasts by sharing valuable safety, technical and educational resources, and by promoting interaction among and advocacy on behalf of its members. ABS is the premier association for Bonanza, Baron, Debonair, and Travel Air enthusiasts, with over 10,100 members who own, fly, or have a strong interest in these Beechcraft models.


7 – ALC-904: 2022 General Aviation Awards National Honorees – Top Safety Tips

During this course you will meet each of the 2022 National Honorees, hear about their contributions to our industry, and learn about their top safety recommendations.

The mission of the General Aviation Awards (GAA) program is to recognize individual aviation professionals on the local, regional, and national levels for their contributions to aviation, education, and flight safety.

The program is a cooperative effort between more than a dozen general aviation industry sponsors and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 


8 – How to Recognize the Risk of a Serious Aircraft Accident?

Get to know Deborah Lawrie and hear her talk about her previous experiences, the most interesting projects, and her course at Aeroclass.


9 – Transitioning to Other Airplanes

There’s more to transition training than getting a quick check out. Even if you’re a highly experienced pilot, transitioning to new equipment can present unexpected challenges and risks.


10 – Do the Right Thing: Decision Making for Pilots

The choices we make play a major role in how safe we are. In this course we’ll look at simple techniques for making better decisions both before and during flight.


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